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Award for A Perfect Stone


Gold Star awards

Congratulations to Jonny Lynch  and S.C. Karakaltsas for winning a Gold Star Award in the E-Book Cover Design Awards for December 2018.

There were 51 submissions from all over the world for fiction covers and seven were selected for the coveted Gold Star Award by The Book Designer.

Jonny Lynch explained in his submission, “I designed the cover of A Perfect Stone to best represent the time and place of war-torn Greece in 1948. The stark black silhouette of the ‘stone thrower’ against the muted natural colours are designed to represent the repressed memory of the protagonist rushing back into consciousness.”

In judging the cover, Joel Friedlander, founder of The Book Designer said, “The cover is artful and deadly effective at putting us into the scene as it unfolds. Well done.”

A Perfect Stone Front Cover KINDLE FINAL PS (2)

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